Houselife EP

by Favorites

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released March 24, 2017

Tom - Guitar/Vocals
Jack - Guitar/Bass
Stephen - Drums

Written, recorded, mixed & mastered by Favorites

Thank you to:
-Rowan University
-Jeff Hiatt
-Unable Music Group
-Dick Scott



all rights reserved


Favorites Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Tom - Vocal/Guitar
Jack - Guitar
Stephen - Drums

South Jersey Alternative/Emo

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Track Name: Cold Air
I can't tell if the air is that cold,
or if the words you spoke sent chills straight to my spine.

What's the point to this conversation
if all your gonna do is leave me off the edge
of this cliff I've been looking down for so long.

Did you even try at all?
Track Name: Fence
I saw you standing there
as the snow fell
so cold and so slow.

I saw you standing there
on the other side of the fence
that you begged me to jump for you.
Track Name: Doubt
I'm waiting for a day
that will probably never come.
My patience is running out,
and now I can't assume the worst.

It will hurt you in the end
but I will tell you once again you're wrong.
So don't search here for sympathy when
everything comes crashing down.
I left here without making a sound.
It's over now.

I'm waiting for a day
that's long overdue.
My patience is running out
and I'm starting to doubt your words.
Track Name: Provision
We've been here so many times before.
It is something I've tried so hard to ignore.
But I know you and your always
making up excuses for why you couldn't make it out tonight.

So why couldn't you make it out tonight?

Taking that left on route 70
has left a permanent scar in my head.
But I know you and you're always
hiding all the answers as to why...

So why couldn't you make it out tonight?